What is Upkaar?

Upkaar is a Delhi-based non-government organization (NGO) and is the first of its kind initiative to address issues related to surrogate motherhood. Upkaar has been providing special guidance to surrogates who build the dreams of parenthood for others. The NGO plays a vital role to improve the well-being of surrogate mothers, and facilitates the surrogate process between intended parents and fertility clinics.

How do you help surrogates through Upkaar?

Through Upkaar, a lot of women have received utmost benefits by taking part in the surrogacy services in India. We take pride in providing assisted reproductive technology services and helping surrogates to go for surrogacy services that meet their needs.

What services do you provide?

We provide a wide range of services for surrogates. Our services for the welfare of surrogates include surrogate healthcare, surrogate home where they receive all the support besides medical and nutritional facilities. We also help them to empower their lives by teaching them with life skills so that they will have an earning hand after completing the surrogacy program.

Is Upkaar associated with any agency or clinic?

Upkaar is associated with all clinics of International Fertility Centre, a super specialty centre located in the several cities of India. Our team of IVF specialist recognizes and respects the services being offered by the surrogates during the surrogacy program. We do not only provide services for the couples but our surrogates receive equal care and support from IFC team.

Why does a woman want to be a surrogate mother?

A surrogate mother chooses to be a surrogate for a number of reasons. She loves being pregnant for a couple who have been unable to conceive naturally or had medical issues or experienced infertility. After delivery, she will be proud to have helped someone with the blessed gift of parenthood.

Where does the surrogate mother give birth?

The surrogate mother receives full assistance from the fertility clinic and will deliver baby for a couple at a hospital that is local to her. Typically the hospital and obstetrician she chooses are the same as they were for her own children.

How is the surrogate mother paid during the pregnancy?

A surrogate signs the gestational surrogacy arrangement with the intended parents and they deposit funds into an escrow account of surrogate. The surrogate mother will be paid from these funds according to the signed gestational surrogacy agreement.

What kind of support do you provide before, during and after the surrogacy process?

Surrogacy is a complex and an emotional process. At Upkaar, we understand the feelings of both intended parents and surrogates; however we care for the welfare of surrogates and for their well being, which are largely ignored by the fertility clinics after the delivery. That’s we remain in constant touch with the surrogates even after the completion of their surrogacy program. We also provide them skill based training during pregnancy months that will eventually pave the way for their source of income.