Distinctive Goal


Many Childless couples across the world desperately opting for a surrogacy to get a baby and India became surrogacy hub because commercial surrogacy is completely allowed. In this context protecting surrogate mother’s rights and educate them about her role and responsibility is very much important. Currently fertility clinics are playing major and excellent role in facilitating surrogacy. There is still a greater need to support the surrogate mothers like psychosocial support, nutritional guidance, privacy, stress relief and need based counseling.

UPKAAR NGO is the first of its kind in India addressing the issues of Surrogate mothers and fighting for their rights. UPKAAR NGO plays a role between Surrogate Mothers, Intended Couple and Fertility Clinics

UPKAAR engages itself in creating fair & transparent laws w.r.t the surrogacy sector in India. The primary objective of this research is to address various medico-social, legal & ethical aspects related to surrogacy in India. We at UPKAAR strive hard to organize the surrogacy sector in India & make it transparent & objectively monitorable. We are working towards creating an environment which is fair & mutually beneficial for both, the Intended Parents (IPs) & surrogates.

Our Activity Involves

  • To create social awareness and acceptance about Surrogacy.
  • To establish a welfare plan.
  • To provide a platform to social scientist for research and study of impact of surrogacy on their lives.
  • To provide medical services to surrogates.
  • To work for the upliftment of surrogates irrespective of caste, creed of religion and help them.
  • To work for the Surrogate’s education and encourage their children for education.
  • To educate them of their rights, duties and work for eradication of social evils like dowry, bribery, smoking, drug addiction & adulteration etc.
  • To organize cultural events and medical treatment / check-up camps for surrogate and her family and help the poor ailing persons by providing medical aid / medicines etc.