Significance of Surrogate Motherhood

Surrogacy is indeed an emotional and physical process whereby a woman agrees to carry the child for another couple to term. Surrogate mothers perform the major role in the overall process to help prospective parents toward parenthood. A surrogate mother in exchange of compensation helps a couple accomplish their dream of being parents, to have children, often genetically related to one or either of the partners. However, in some cases not much emphasis is given towards the health and welfare of surrogates. Some fertility clinics only care about intended parents, and help them to build their family, ignoring surrogates. This negligence sometimes put the bad impression on the overall surrogacy.

Today, surrogacy is one of the thriving industries in the world by which thousands of couples dealing with infertility have blessed with the gift of parenthood. According to IVF specialists, surrogate mothers have to stick to a number of requirements. Even their eligibility to become a surrogate is to be healthy, young, having had at least one child birth with a successful pregnancy, and a supportive that agrees with the surrogacy contract. If her health remains normal, she can become a surrogate for three times. After becoming ready to be surrogate mother for intended parents in consultation with fertility clinic, surrogate is given psychological counseling and goes for medical testing. Once the surrogate is pregnant, she usually lives at the accommodation (surrogate house) provided by fertility clinic where she is being reviewed by IVF specialist and embryologist at regular intervals till the rest of the pregnancy.

Renowned IVF specialist, Dr. Rita Bakshi ensures the women are cared for, as they are constantly reviewed for medical check-up at fertility clinic. They spend their days either watching television or chatting with other women, learning new skills, taking proper medications with an access to quality foods for their positive health etc. They are also given access to meet with their families. They remain at surrogate house until delivery happens, creating bundle of joys to intended parents after they receive a child.

IVF-an alternative to infertile couples

In gestational surrogacy arrangement, the child is conceived by in vitro fertilization using the woman’s eggs and her husband’s sperm, the embryo created through IVF is implanted in the uterus of the surrogate mother to attain pregnancy. Thus, IVF has become one of the best alternative options for infertile couples to have children and enjoy the joy of parenthood.

Upkaar- Helping towards surrogate motherhood

Upkaar, a Delhi-based non-government organization (NGO) is the first of its kind initiative to address issues related to surrogate motherhood. Upkaar has been playing a vital role to improve the well-being of surrogate mothers, and facilitates the surrogate process between intended parents and fertility clinics.