surrogacy services in delhi

Surrogacy in India is considered as one of the safe & cheap option in entire world. Many Childless couples are desperately opting for a surrogacy to get a baby and India became surrogacy hub because of commercial surrogacy, as it is completely allowed. International fertility centre in Delhi which is pioneer in surrogacy in India and almost best surrogacy centre in Delhi now devoted it’s one arm known as UPKAAR for surrogate mothers. In fact UPKAAR is truly devoted to surrogate welfare in India & provides complete information about surrogacy services in India.

Children, who are considered as divine wish of GOD, hence in this way the role of surrogate mother turned as most important for any surrogacy centre. UPKAAR is the first NGO of its kind in India which deals & addresses the issue related to surrogate mother & look after surrogate welfare, their roles & responsibility. Broadly we provide platform for surrogacy services in India & well information about surrogacy in India. No matter the fertility clinics, which deals better for surrogate mothers, but still these mothers need more care, education & others support. As surrogacy brings the light of smile to the face of childless couple so considering the prime role of Surrogate mother, international fertility centre fully devoted its NGO arm UPKAAR to surrogate welfare in India.

UPKAAR is run by the able hand of Sakshi Bakshi & managed entirely by International fertility centre secular, not-for-profit organization registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860. we are engaged in education of surrogate mothers, their nutrition, living process & other important issues related to surrogacy.

UPKAAR is achieving its target (Surrogacy in India & problem of surrogate mothers in India) & has occupied place of epicenter for information about surrogacy services in Delhi. Under the able leadership of Sakshi Bakshi and Saarthak Bakshi we are proceeding in right direction for protection of surrogated mother. We advocate with government, Fertility clinics, Gynecologist & others doctors to bring about policy that is beneficial to the surrogate mothers.